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Favorite Game

The best, in my humble opinion...


On this page, I'll discuss my favorite game. I'll include all the usual technical information (platform, release date, and so on) but I'll also talk about how I first started playing it and what I like best about the game.

I'll be sure to include lots of screenshots so you get a good sense of the game.


Sonic the Hedghog Next-Gen
Platform: Ps3 and xBox360
Rating: Everyone 10+
Release Date: 11/15/06 *i just guessed ^.^*

This game is gonna ROCK!!!!!!! YAY!!!! *dances and marching band comes through with him*


Sonic the Hedgehog's debut on the next line of consoles promises a 'return to form' for the blue blur, according to SONICTEAM and SEGA. With an emphasis on the team looking at basic gameplay functions and how the original Mega Drive titles played, it would be wise to assume that SONICTEAM are either trying to mimick the simplicity of the original, or simply revamp the series in such a way so that it once again has the edge of the original series yet fully utlises the 3D space. Either of which would be fine with us. Assuming it's done right. Sonic's landmark title to co-incide with his 15th Anniversary.

Super Sonic Tricks on my fave game!

dont got any codes yet....