Tailsy's Shrine For Sonic And Amy Rose

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About Me

This is about Temp.


This is where i tell bout myself!!!!!


Name: Temp Temple

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Weapons: Royal Blue Kendama, Dragon's Daggers, Magic  Parasoll, Claws, Giant Fan

Birthdate: 5/24

Occupation: Student


Theme Song: ToxBox - Best Friend

Fan Name: Tailsy the Fox

Personal Info: Tailsy is a very nice and polite young fox. He does get into trouble because he likes to have lots of fun. He is often shy and doesn't talk but when you get to know him better he'll perk up.He is known to be pestering to those without hearts but to most of us he's just a little fox.

Appearences: Eternal Revolutions the Fan Comic and you will see my flying around the web on google alot on personal interviews 

Friends: Brad, Phillip, Tyler, Chip, Paige, SG Hedgehog, Tails the Kitsune, The True Sonic, Ashton, Layne Marie, Allison, Jeri, Dru, Claire, Kitsune Ranger, Shadow Chan, Rachel, Abbey, Britney, Tails da Fwee, Becca, Rach, Sarah, Adam, Paulos, Kenshin, Becca, Six Sad World, Abbey, Al, Stephen, George, Lillian, Boyd, and many more.

RP Personal Quote: Shall we dance?


Email me if u have questions!!