Tailsy's Shrine For Sonic And Amy Rose

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Fan Art!!

yay fanart~

Sonink's Fanart ((below))


This section of my site is for fanart! You may send fanart to my email address but you have to follow some rules...
1 - No Pornographic pix!! I cannot stand seeing stuff like that. It is unhealthy to our world!!!!! >o<
2 - Keep it within boundaries!!!! Don't make anything you wouldn't want your parents to see!
3 - Try and keep it basic. Maybe with Sonic or Tails..you CAN make up your character and draw him/her but it has to good or else I won't post it...
4 - WAIT!! If I don't put it up the second you email me with it don't pitch some crazi fit over it! I WILL GET TO IT EVENTUALLY!
Ok!! So go out there and draw me something real hot~!